Tree Service

Just like our roofing services, all of Cartrend’s tree service arborists are all certified and insured with all paperwork in order and ready to present at request. Don’t you want your lawn and property to stand out from others? This is where our tree doctors & surgeons shine because we have the knowledge and experience to turn any yard into something that looks like it came straight out of a magazine cover!

servSome of the tree services we provide free estimates for include:

  • Emergency & Non-Emergency Tree Removals
  • Tree Trimming, Cutting, & Pruning
  • Stump Grinding & Removal
  • Stump Grinder Rental
  • Landscaping
  • And More!

Tree Removal

If you have found yourself victim to a fallen or damaged tree in your yard then this is something that should be handled by professionals like us. We try and make emergency removals a top priority here because your safety comes first. We work faster and harder than any other tree care professionals around and always clean up our mess when we are done.

If you think a tree might be at risk of falling down then let one of our guys come out and give you an assessment of the situation at no cost or obligation.

Tree Trimming, Cutting, & Pruning

While these might seem synonymous with each other, there are slight differences between the three and our arborists have mastered the techniques of them all.

While trimming and cutting are generally used for aesthetic and curb appeal, pruning is generally applied to benefit the overall health of the tree. There are a number of techniques that are used to do so and our guys have experience working with a number of different species.

Stump Removal & Grinding

Don’t let that nasty stump in your yard be an eye sore anymore! Our huge supply of grinders can tackle stumps of any size and once we are done you won’t be able to tell that ugly thing was ever even there!

If you have experience in removing stumps yourself and think you can handle these types of jobs yourself then you are more than welcome to come and check out our supply of stump grinders that are available to rent.